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If you are tired of the hype and confusion about price, sales, and discounts, we understand. Since our family is also on your side of the fence, here is the real story about the myths and realities of retail pricing.

Myth: "We are having a 60% off sale!!"

Reality: There are two price books in our industry. The PHONY book has prices that are twice that of normal pricing. This enables retailers to run big “sales” but still charge full price. This practice has become standard operating procedure for some large retailers who always claim to have a sale. Anybody who says they are discounting 50% or more is running a phony sale. We use the HONEST book, and we still discount substantially and don’t charge to install. We provide good pricing by having low overhead, high volume, and fast, efficient service—the old-fashioned way.

Myth: "We’ll meet or beat our competitors’ prices!"

Reality: What happened to just charging fair prices up front? We don’t dicker, but we do give our best pricing to every customer every day whether they want to dicker or not. That’s the honest way we want to be treated, and that’s the way we treat our customers.

Myth: "We have the best price in town!"

Reality: At any given time, there are five or six companies that make this claim. Somebody is pulling your leg! Frequently, the retailers who jump up and down about price are substituting lower quality and sacrificing service even though their pricing isn’t better than Indy Decor. We just keep providing excellent value every day without the hype!

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